Glasgow Uni Vet Association - 15 June 2016

The Trust also met with another group of excited academics — only this time most didn’t come across the Atlantic Ocean to hear about it.  A large group of retired vets who studied at Glasgow University visited the Trust’s office for a special presentation on the project, led by the Chair of the Trust, Celia Sinclair.

It was an informative afternoon which sparked many questions from the vets which were important to answer in terms of providing reassurance of the funding in regards to the current political situation at the time.  Celia was quick to inform that indeed the decision made regarding Britain’s place in the EU would have no strong bearing on the security of the funds the Trust has received and is due to receive and that, regardless of politics, the project will go on to thrive in being a key pillar for the City of Glasgow celebrations in 2018.

After the presentation was over, many vets treated themselves to a lunch at the Willow Tea Rooms — their last before the building would be boarded up for phase one of the project to begin.