Current Opportunities

Arts and Education Manager

Salary: Circa £25,000 p/a -dependent on experience

Hours: Full time equivalent, with flexibility expected to cover evening and weekend duties and outreach engagements.

Location: 217 Sauchiehall Street

Duration: Full term post

Reports to: CEO Mackintosh at the Willow and The Willow Tea Rooms Trust

Responsible for: Learning & Activity Officer

The Willow Tea Rooms Trust was founded to secure the future of the Tea Rooms at 217 Sauchiehall Street, opened by Miss Catherine Cranston in 1903, and widely recognised as the finest example of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s work in this style. Mackintosh’s design brilliance is evident in the total re-modelling of the building’s exterior envelope, and his treatment of the entire building inside and out as a work of art. Mackintosh’s designs for glass, metal and applied arts created unique interiors of astonishing originality and modernity. The building is set to open in June 2018 trading as ‘Mackintosh at The Willow’, following a £10m exacting restoration of the original Willow Tea Rooms Building on Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street. We’ll be re-opening with 200 covers, split across 4 tea rooms to Mackintosh’s original designs and featuring a state of the Visitor & Exhibition Centre, Retail, Conference Facilities and a dedicated Learning & Education suite that will offer a variety of learning experiences for schools (a minimum of 2500 school children per annum) and other learning audiences.

The Art and Education Manager will develop the existing outline learning offer from an Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Activity Plan, adapting it as necessary, while raising awareness of the project to potential learning audiences, and in parallel, delivering outreach learning by giving talks, presentations and workshops to community groups, in early years settings, to adult learners, in formal and informal learning settings, and on demand as required.

The post will include management of, and be supported by, the Learning & Activity Officer. Some learning delivery will be undertaken by the Learning & Activity Officer, while administration, bookings for the learning suite, co-ordination with colleagues in the operational Tea Rooms and exhibition, and with volunteers in various roles within the buildings, will be shared responsibilities.

This role will suit a professional with a passion for Heritage Learning with experience of developing and sustaining creative and learning programmes for a variety of audiences; of delivering in museum-type education settings as well as outreach in community and other settings; of working in multi-disciplinary environments and collaboratively with colleagues, will find this a thrilling opportunity to exercise their talents!

Overall job purpose: Development of a comprehensive Mackintosh at the Willow learning programme, promoting and delivering high quality learning and outreach to a variety of diverse audiences.

Key result areas

· Develop a school learning programme, based on the sample lesson plans in the Activity Plan, for Mackintosh at the Willow prior to the opening in summer 2018, and a complementary outreach offer.

· Procure the equipment and materials specified in the Activity plan budget for the first phase of learning activity: outreach to different learning audiences and for the opening of the Learning Suite.

· Manage the workload of, maintain positive communication with, and support the Learning & Activity Officer.

· Ensure that there is administrative and workload balance between outreach, and on-site learning suite formal education delivery between the Officer and Manager.

· Promote the Mackintosh at the Willow learning offer to schools and other learning groups, from the learning offer at the learning suite and outreach offer of talks, presentations and workshops.

· Work closely with the learning outreach team at Glasgow School of Art to programme their uses of the learning suite in evenings and weekends.

· Plan and promote the cultural programme for Mackintosh at the Willow, a programme of occasional talks for adult learners and special interest groups.

· In collaboration with management and colleagues, ensure consistency of audience/customer data collection and recording, plan systems for monitoring learning audience numbers, as well as for gathering qualitative data on experiences allied to the targets and measures of success specified in the action planning grid in the Activity Plan. Consider the use of tablets for gathering feedback from different audiences.

· In collaboration with management  and colleagues, agree systems for booking the learning suite, and charging for education visits.

· Devise a system for storing the gathered feedback, consistent with other audience data collection and analysis by colleagues.

· Devise a parallel system for periodic review of the learning offer; potentially by gathering a teacher panel representing different sectors such as early years, primary, secondary and ASN learners, and arranging for review and planning meetings with this group.

· Monitor Activity Plan targets and report, with colleagues as required, according to HLF requirements.

Skills and experience: necessary

· A degree or equivalent level qualification, in an appropriate discipline such as architecture, design and manufacture, art, primary education or community education, at degree or post graduate level such as a B Ed, PGCE/PGDE.

· Experience of learning delivery in a variety of settings, and to a variety of learning audiences.

· Successful multidisciplinary team working.

· Procuring educational, arts and crafts or museum standard resource equipment and supplies.

Skills and experience: desirable

· Delivery of an Activity Plan on an HLF funded project, and aware of the requirements for delivery of an Action Planning grid, achieving targets, monitoring and evaluating activity, and reporting conventions.

· Sensitive management of a junior colleague.

Personal qualities:

· Good communicator.

· Passionate, enthusiastic, awareness and knowledge of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Margaret Macdonald and Catherine Cranston.

· Organised, systematic and methodical, flexible and adaptable.

This role is supported by Heritage Lottery Funding. 

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Closing date: 15 June 2018

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