The future of the Willow Tea Rooms starts here

A truly historic day at The Willow Tea Rooms today, we now have complete control of the building. It has been secured and we have removed the magnificent Room De Luxe doors, which are now safely in storage with Glasgow Museums until the end of the renovation project.

The next steps will be the initial works on the buildings’ ‘envelope’, on both 215 and 217 Sauchiehall Street, and will include making the buildings wind and watertight, essential works on the chimney in the back lane and re-positioning the Room De Luxe window to its original placement so that they can withstand the Scottish winter.

“This is something we’ve all been looking forward to since the summer of 2014. The amount of sheer hard work that has taken place to reach this point had been truly inspiring and I like to think that Charles and Miss Cranston would both be pleased with our efforts,” said Celia Sinclair, Chair of The Willow Tea Rooms Trust.  

The greatest challenge remains raising the funds required to make the vision a reality. A number of applications have been made, including to the Heritage Lottery Fund, to assist in raising the project costs and we hope to see the fruits of these labours realised soon. However, these will not cover the projected cost in their entirety and we are still looking for other avenues of funding every day.

And thanks to John McClory of Brick and Steel Construction who offered his firm’s services in kind to help secure the building. Such acts of generosity are very much appreciated by the Trust.

This is just the start of the future of The Willow Tea Rooms.